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Architects Who Work with You
At KSS Architects, collaboration is essential. Everyone, from partners to intern architects to administrative staff, works side by side to share ideas and expertise, which fosters a work environment centered on teamwork. Because everyone contributes their unique expertise and insight, we are able to create better places. We are professional but low key, and though we're busy, we're not uptight. We are not a corporate firm, where a handful of people often are inaccessible to everyone below them. We help and support each other.

Our dedication to collaboration extends to our clients. We know projects, like people, are dynamic. Site conditions, client needs and construction logistics affect them, and we may need to tweak our designs again and again. But we never give up on our projects. We will work together with our clients, consultants and project team until we fulfill our commitment to creating excellent places.

We understand our team members have families and outside commitments. We encourage work-life balance and community involvement. We volunteer in our neighborhood and professional organizations, coach our kids' teams, and play in sports. But we also work hard in our profession. We may be in the office before the sun rises and after the sun sets, but it's because we love the work we do: We love creating places that are meaningful and inspiring for our clients. Through in-house lunch presentations, Friday afternoon happy hours, and holiday parties, we share our knowledge, befriend our coworkers, and celebrate with each others' families, all in the spirit of collaboration.
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