What is a Great Campus Center?
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Many of us remember hanging out in our college's student union, devouring food, playing pool, or seeking a quiet place to study. To some extent, the union fulfilled our three basic needs: eating, socializing and studying. Although these needs have evolved, they remain mostly unchanged. Food and college students still go hand in hand, but where a standard cafeteria may have once sufficed, students now want a variety of dining choices as well as spaces to socialize and relax. The formal needs of a higher education institution, such as brand marketing, recruiting and fundraising, further complicate the building's programs. Two recent campus centers designed by KSS Architects confront and connect these conflicting needs.

by Pamela Lucas Rew, AIA, and Michael Shatken, AIA

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Watercolors: Vladislav Yeliseyev; Photos: Lawrence University; Pamela Lucas Rew; Renderings: KSS Architects LLP