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Where We Begin
Architecture can seem like a wonderful form of magic, in which an idea, pencil, drawing board, and inspiration are the only instruments needed to create our built environment.

At KSS Architects, we believe magic comes only from hard work. Our firm's success developed naturally from years of collaboration and working side by side. Collectively, we have mastered the intricacies of the architectural process by managing projects of every scope and complexity. More importantly, each partner has sharpened his or her own area of expertise so our team can provide solutions for any design, technical or procedural problem.

We founded our practice in 1983 on the strength of this collegial approach to problem solving. Since then, an expanding circle of clients in a variety of markets has relied on our dedication, creativity and ability to bring a project to successful, timely completion. The proof is in our growing body of acclaimed designs, ranging from research laboratories to inner-city revitalization to large-scale industrial complexes.

Further proof comes from our clients themselves. Ask any repeat client what it's like to work with KSS. They'll likely say, "No illusions." In other words, they appreciate the direct way we approach project concerns in every phase of the professional relationship.

We understand both the client and architect must maintain a realistic perspective of the quality, scope and budget of a project. They must monitor and reassess mutually established priorities every step along the way. From day one, we encourage an open and candid line of communication that extends beyond our relationships with our clients to our vigilant interaction with our consultants, and to all members of our firm.

Today's world of tight budgets, stringent environmental and zoning regulations, and highly competitive markets leaves little room for magic. Instead, our commitment to sound project management and superior design surprises clients with results beyond their expectations. This is the magic that KSS brings to architecture.
KSS Architects LLP