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Buildings as Instruments of Commerce

We believe in buildings as instruments of commerce and change, positively affecting creativity and productivity, literally serving as engines; providing the drive and energy required for successful commerce. As such, we deliver high performance buildings that create innovation in process, exceed sustainability requirements, support community, reinforce brands and extend longevity and viability. Dramatic shifts in e commerce, more efficient distribution, and a return to manufacturing are driving the demand for ever more sophisticated industrial projects.

Our White Papers
Coca-ColaA Refreshing Example. KSS and Coca-Cola Refreshments are ahead of the curve as new LEED v4 standards emerge.
STS light analysisIndustrial Rising. Multistory distribution centers may make sense as urban industrial heats up.
STS light analysisThe Bright Choice. Lighting, a significant energy expenditure in industrial buildings, offers opportunities for tremendous cost and time savings.
Carteret, NJFinding Our Industrial Roots. America's next industrial revolution must be green, clean, and sustain America's economic engine and innovation for the long term.
Beyond the Big BoxBeyond the Big Box.One of the most efficient ways industrial projects can become green isn't found within building walls.
Industrial and sustainableGoing Green in a Big Way.Sustainable industrial projects have singular potential to improve the environment tremendously.