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Workplace Transformation

We know that people are a company's greatest asset, and therefore, we do more than care about the people that work in the environments we create. We are compelled to observe and study their process, in great detail, striving to understand what they do and how they do it. It takes a lot of talking, listening and learning. But these intensive efforts result in what becomes our innate ability to create intuitive workplaces for people, who in return, contribute the critical human element to a sense of place. We design places that meet market demands, remain flexible for expansion or conversion, and support our clients as they grow and evolve.

Process. We observe, we study, we question and we listen. Then we do what we do best which is strategically streamline and maximize every part of your process through the specific architecture of your workplace. We make it work better, creating palpable, measurable change for your company.

Performance. We design buildings that perform to and exceed expectation. From photovoltaic arrays on rooftops, to responsible indigenous landscaping on the ground. From making the most of daylighting, to using the least amount of water possible. Storm water management, stringently controlled climates, and site orientation all are tools in our toolbox to design and build for you the highest performing, increased longevity, exemplar building in its field.

Identity. We bring corporate identities to life, both in the built form of a structure, and in the applied form of its interior. KSS permeates and extends brands across every element of a commercial workplace, utilizing every appropriate opportunity to reinforce brand awareness.

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