A. Harry Moore School
Feasibility Study and Relocation

As one of the nation's first public schools for students with physical disabilities, the A. Harry Moore School was considered a landmark at its completion in 1931. Today the facility no longer meets the needs of its students or advancements in medical technology and educational tools. New Jersey City University and KSS identified a location to relocate the school on NJCU's West Campus, a mixed-use urban environment with access to many resources such as a charter high school, public transportation, retail, athletic facilities and performance arts spaces.

To serve the special needs of the students, KSS designed a facility complete with classrooms, kitchenettes, and clinical and therapeutic areas that fulfills extensive educational, medical and dietary requirements. These program elements will help enable it exceed current regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the International Building Code. By including a significant clinical and prenatal unit, the project team hopes to achieve the greater mission of outreach. The rate of children born with disabilities in the local area likely correlates with the parents' limited access to prenatal care, healthcare, and family education. Advances in medical technology increased the survival rate for premature babies with disabilities, adding to the need for the facility.

Existing school

Project Highlights
Jersey City, New Jersey

Program: Feasibility study for new school for students with physical disabilities

Size: 90,000 sf

Features: Facilities for speech, sensory, and gross motor occupational and physical therapy, therapeutic pool, clinic and prenatal unit, kitchenette for hygiene, medical and dietary requirements, extra-wide corridors, large elevator cabs, wheelchair / apparatus storage area

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