Barnegat Twp. School District
Robert L. Horbelt School (Pre-K-5)

After doubling in population in just five years, students at the recently constructed Horbelt School had outgrown the capacity and capabilities of the classrooms. Though the architectural design was sufficient, a segment of the student population, including the very young students and students with special needs, required resources the facility could not provide.

KSS worked with the school to design spaces for these special groups of students. The school's youngest members, the pre-kindergarteners, will have classrooms with cubbies, internal restrooms, diapering stations, and reading areas. Classrooms for children with special needs are intimately scaled, allowing students to work individually or in small groups with their teachers.

An existing garden between the cafeteria and school classrooms provided the inspiration for a new music pavilion for the entire school. The pavilion gives students their own unique music room with extensive glass windows that look out into the garden space. The design separates the pavilion acoustically and functionally from the remainder of the school, but locates it immediately adjacent to the auditorium and other public spaces.

Project Highlights
Barnegat, New Jersey

Program: Renovations and addition

Size: 73,500 sf (58,000 sf existing; 15,500 sf addition)

Features: Music classroom, pre-kindergarten classrooms, classrooms for children with special needs

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Photos:, KSS Architects LLP