Barnegat Twp. School District
Cecil S. Collins School (Pre-K-5)

The growing student population at the Collins School necessitated renovations and new classrooms for its pre-kindergarteners. The building's existing dark brown brick masonry exterior and limited windows lacked excitement and inspiration. Its entrance was flat and lacked a clear sense of entry.

KSS renovated the school to enhance the building context and added pre-K classrooms complete with diapering stations, internal bathrooms, reading zones, and computer areas. To accommodate more classrooms, they designed extensive renovations to the building's existing space.

To make the school a special place for students to call their own, KSS designed a new entrance for the school with a steel-frame canopy, vibrant blue glazed brick that contrasts and complements the existing masonry, visible signage, and a flagpole. By refreshing the design of the school inside and outside, KSS has given the Collins School an identity.

Project Highlights
Barnegat, New Jersey

Program: Renovations to elementary school

Size: 71,500 sf (existing)

Features: New entrance, pre-kindergarten classrooms, classrooms for children with special needs

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Photos:, KSS Architects LLP