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Teachers Village

Coinciding with the revitalization of Newark's downtown district south of Market Street, the Teachers Village is an exciting large-scale design and planning project that will enrich the area and address the city's current and future needs. The master plan builds on the innovative concept of teacher communities and integrates schools into a mixed-use development with residential, retail, and arts spaces. As a result, both city residents and school users benefit: The regular influx of students, parents, teachers and staff becomes integral to the urban fabric, helping the city reach critical mass. The increased pedestrian activity brings new investment and businesses to the area. Simultaneously, teachers from the various school typologies will benefit from the camaraderie of their community through after-school interactions that are particularly critical for newer teachers who often begin their careers in urban areas.

KSS Architects is working with Teachers Village's developer and planner to design mixed use residential buildings, a daycare and three charter schools in the development. Serving the Pre-K, K-4, 5-8, and K-8 populations, the schools will be located in two four-story mixed-use buildings with retail space on the public ground floor. The novel project has presented equally novel and interesting design challenges, such as the creation of a secure and safe "front yard" presence for students and parents in the active urban dynamic. The design team also must work with city street constraints to coordinate busing and parent drop-off needs.

Project Highlights
Newark, New Jersey

Master Planner
Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Size: 104,000 sf (daycare and three schools)

Program: Charter schools and daycare in a mixed-use development

Features: Public health clinic, classrooms, administrative areas, gymnasiums, libraries, support spaces, computer laboratories, art and music classrooms, common spaces, and conference rooms


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Photography: Halkin | Mason Photography, Images: KSS Architects