Princeton Regional School District
Valley Road School Building Renovations

In 2006, Princeton Regional School District hired KSS Architects to analyze its Valley Road School property. The school board was deciding how to best use the building, which was built in multiple phases, with the earliest completed in 1927.

Through an initial facilities analysis, KSS determined that the oldest portion of the building was significantly deteriorated and needed extensive structural and mechanical repairs. However, the portions of the building that were constructed in the mid-20th century remained in good condition. The study recommended ways to improve the facility's energy efficiency, including the replacement of 125 windows, which will ultimately result in taxpayer savings. It also reorganized the program layout and space use such that all building occupants could move entirely into half of the building space.

The renovations will be completed in phases, allowing occupants to continue working on the property and aligning with the School District's budget structure.

Project Highlights
Princeton, New Jersey

Size: 30,700 sf

Program: School administration; facilities analysis for window and door replacement, HVAC upgrades and programming study

Features: Window replacement, door replacement, HVAC replacement, tenant-fit out, daycare, locker rooms