Princeton Day School
Upper School Science Renovations

Princeton Day School wanted to enliven and update its teaching atmosphere to support new technology and student learning. The project renovated four classrooms: two classrooms were modernized and two others needed extensive structural alterations to their outdated split-level layout. Three offices and the science resource room were also renovated.

KSS Architects removed the suspended ceilings to expose the building's structural and mechanical infrastructure. Bright primary colors on these systems add a lively new aesthetic as well as volume to the rooms. The colors are keyed to the functions of each pipe, with red indicating hot water, gas shown as blue, cold water denoted with green, and structure shown in yellow. Glass windows were added to the classrooms, located on a well-traveled hallway, to allow passing students a glimpse inside.

Flexibility to allow teachers to shift between lecture and lab formats was also important. The renovation added mobile lab tables on casters, which can be wheeled from any position to docking points for gas supplies. KSS also designed casework for the classrooms with features that integrated necessary services and supported lab table mobility. Epoxy resin bench tops and wood casework were specified for their durability. New corridor display cases showcased current science programs and projects.

Project Highlights
Princeton, New Jersey

Program: Classroom and office renovations

Features: Classrooms, structural modifications, science resource room, offices, durable finish materials, corridor display cases

Images: KSS Architects LLP