Eden Autism Services
Briggs/Dobias Adult Employment Center

Eden Autism Services' founded its Employment Training Program for Adults with Autism in 1983. With several employment training centers across the state of New Jersey, Eden sought to open a new facility in central New Jersey and engaged KSS Architects to help guide them through the process. After developing a conceptual blocking diagram to provide a framework for evaluating available spaces in the region, KSS worked with a team of real estate professionals to identify and ultimately select the right location for the new resource center.

With the site selected in Hamilton, KSS translated the conceptual blocking diagram into the final design for the new Briggs/Dobias Adult Employment Center to provide a safe and controlled, yet flexible environment for vocational training and sensory development. To maintain focus while efficiently utilizing available space, the center is split into two similar groupings of spaces with a shared administrative core within the existing single-story building. The administrative core includes offices for instructors and support staff, as well as a large meeting room for in-house and regional training. The Adult Employment Center is anchored by a central common room, where participants gather and relax in between instructional periods or work placement sessions. The main teaching spaces consist of four work rooms off of each central common room, which are flexible for instruction in a variety of tasks. Instruction also occurs in a commercial servery, janitor's area and laundry room. Sensory development takes place within a central fitness room.

Project Highlights
Hamilton, New Jersey

Program: Vocational training and sensory development.

Size: 17,640 sf

Features: Instructor and staff offices, common room, work rooms, commercial servery, janitorial, laundry and fitness room.