: : Pre-K-12
Creating Places That Inspire

Our practice focuses on creating quality learning environments and communities for students, parents, teachers and neighborhoods. Schools are not only educational facilities, but also places where children grow, play, socialize and share. We provide guidance through the financial complexities and bureaucracy of school planning and construction. By envisioning how students learn and interact, we design classrooms flexible enough to handle multiple learning methodologies, technology changes, and environmental influences, such as light and acoustics. But students also need to feel comfortable in school and we give thought to creating informal gathering spaces. Our school designs provide faculty, staff and students a safe framework in which to grow and flourish as well as a sense of identity, pride and community.

Our White Papers
EdenDesign for Autism. Three design prinicples.
Harmony SchoolsA Community of Care. Design for childcare evolves to meet new needs.
NJCUCentral Force. Integrating education in mixed use development.