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Our Show-and-Tell
KSS University is a continuing education program created to enhance the professional and social experience of KSS through development and interactive learning. The program optimizes the diversity of backgrounds and experiences by providing each of us a voice and participation in the KSS community. Our collective knowledge will guide and prepare us to continue the firm's leadership, contribution and success in this dynamic profession.

The weekly lunchtime curriculum targets a thorough knowledge foundation, as well as ongoing needs and cutting edge developments. Months are themed on subject matter--tectonics, firm, and projects--and presenters will use various tools, such as formal presentations and roundtable discussions. Participants will also benefit from the curriculum by practicing the art of presenting and from potentially earning Continuing Education Units, which are required for professional licensure. These discussions will take the following forms.

Roundtable Discussions, assigned to all senior staff, will afford the opportunity to review collective knowledge and information in an interactive setting. A brief presentation regarding a critical subject will be followed by group questions and comments. This is an ideal forum for detailing, constructability, and production issues.

Vendor Presentations, provided by outside sources, will afford exposure to new technologies and in-depth product information.

Seminars, assigned to all senior staff, will provide educational opportunities on professional issues regarding the firm, projects, and tectonics. Seminars will include extensive and intrinsic information.

Design Discussions, assigned to all professional staff, will afford the opportunity to inspire through practice, discussion, and exposure. Inspirational tools include presentations of projects, building and gallery tours, or interactive opportunities like competitions and recreational sketching.
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